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Top 5 Locations to Buy Apartment in Lucknow

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Lucknow is considered as the second happiest city in the country and one of the best destinations to raise a family. The city of Nawab   has many of the prime locations to stay and explore luxury lifestyle at affordable costs. There are many new launches and ready-to-move-in residential apartment are available in Lucknow city in both Luxury and budget-friendly real estate projects. Additionally, paying property taxes in Lucknow is very simple and accessible online.

Here is a list of the best areas to stay in Lucknow where one can consider purchasing a property.

1. Amar Shaheed Path

The elevated Amar Shaheed Path connects the city to either Kanpur Road or Faizabad Road. One of the favouritelocations for home buyers in Lucknow is on this elevated roadway, which is continuouslydeveloping and changing. There are lots of high-rise luxury residences, plots, villas, towers, and companies in this neighbourhood. Amar Shaheed Path is thought to be one of Lucknow’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

2. Gomti Nagar

Gomti Nagar is considered as the poche location in the Lucknow city. It well planned colony developed by Lucknow development authority. Gomti Nagar is one of the largest colonies in the country. Families are welcome in the city’s residential, business, and IT hub of Gomti Nagar. Gomti Nagar Phase I, Gomti Nagar Phase II, and Gomti Nagar Extension are other subdivisions of this neighbourhood.

3. Faizabad Road

As there is little scope for development inside the city, the constructions companies and moving in the outskirts of the city, the neighbourhoods that are connected to Faizabad-Lucknow Highways, always prefer to buy apartment on Faizabad road. Faizabad Road, one of the state’s major industrial hubs, connects Lucknow with Faizabad. One of Lucknow’s upscale neighbourhoods, Faizabad Road is surrounded by wealthy residential communities that are favoured by prominent government officials and the business community.

4. Jankipuram

Jankipuram location in Lucknow is best residential apartment at affordable price. There are multiple option for home buyers e.g. apartment, villa & plot and also it is good for commercial spaces. The centre of education and a residential neighbourhood, Jankipuram contains a mix of villas, plotted developments, and high-rise flats.The region is one of the best places to stay in Lucknow thanks to its excellent infrastructure and social amenities.

5. Indira Naga

Due to the existence of both physical and social infrastructure, such as significant highways, schools, and public transportation, these places are favoured by home buyers. This area has attracted a lot of attention due to the large enterprises that offer work opportunities.